Amigo and Amigo in collaboration Parramatta Marist High School student artists and designers, have created four kinetic sculptures as a response to Parramatta’s unique character. 

Taking influence from their local environment of Parramatta, the students have realised their visions into moving, three dimensional artworks that are created, performed and given life to by the students and designers. 

The Sculptures: 

A hybrid serpentine creature which intertwines the forces of nature, the symbolism of animals and of a snake and eel. Its roots run deep to the culture true to the heart of Parramatta. 

Parra Batta
Parra Batta highlights the significance of the Grey-headed flying fox, combining the importance of conservation of our local species alongside the industrialisation and growth of Parramatta as a city through a steampunk aesthetic. 

Frills and Ruffles 
Frills and Ruffles is a lizard, whose neck is a pendant of luminescent skyscrapers and tall buildings that radiate with alternating colours and patterns. Frills and Ruffles is the ever changing landscape that is Parramatta and symbolises progress and change. 

Fowl Play 
Fowl Play is an owl combined with a butterfly. The work focuses on the Parramatta wildlife, in particular the endangered Powerful Owl.