Love Birds represents a community coming together as one to reduce our personal plastic waste. Suspended in a colourful canopy above the laneway, the birds take flight in the wind with the dynamic message of positive personal action.

Love Birds invites the audience to pledge to reduce their plastic waste while creating a vibrant and dynamic artwork. Participants are encouraged to share their pledge via social media, sending the message out into the wider community. 

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative funded from the Waste Levy.

Zara Pasfield is a spatial designer with a passion for light, and sculptural design. Zara strives to create transformative spaces and moments that are elegant yet playful in personality. Operating under the name Pineapple Designs, Zara has had work exhibited internationally, as well as within Australia. Working with a network of creatives, she hopes to continue creating works that capture the imagination of their audience.