The Concrete dessert from Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co.

Concrete Dessert - Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co.

Fri 20 | 7:30pm-7:45pm

Theme: Street Food Standards with host Kal from Slim Set. 

Up your chilled dessert game as you learn how to assemble the Concrete dessert, a rich and creamy frozen custard ice cream with masterful toppings, presented by burger shack Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co, a new addition to Parramatta Square.


Eat at Parramatta Lanes

Feeling hungry? Dine in or order delivery/takeaway from Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co now. With their mighty fine burgers, shakes and concrete desserts, you won't be left wanting a thing! Except for maybe the opportunity to experience it all again....and again....and again.