Singer Milan Ring

Milan Ring & Dante Knows

Thu 19 | 7:25pm-8:15pm

Catch New York-born, Sydney-based rapper Dante Knows as he hosts and performs in a show starring singer Milan Ring, direct from Nick & Nora's.  

Milan Ring Bio

A singer, rapper, guitarist, producer, mix & mastering engineer, Milan’s signature sound is a carefully orchestrated balance between the analogue and digital worlds, blending live percussion with electronic drums and synths with her raw guitar takes. Her production dances between moods and elements whilst her dynamic vocals bounce from low earthy raps to luscious harmonies. Lyrically, her songs are a conversation about control, decisions and navigating the spectrum of self, with verses that burst into a pure stream of consciousness.

Milan directs each and every aspect of the creative process, from the first chord struck on the guitar to the final master. This one woman powerhouse is perfectly illustrated to us in her live show, stepping out solo, creating loops, dropping beats, triggering samples all whilst effortlessly leading with the guitar and engaging us with her honest & unique vocal - a masterful combination which has seen her play alongside Sampa the Great, Tokimonsta, Hermitude, Manu Crooks and The Rubens.

Having released a string of EPs and the largely instrumental beat tape Venus Fly Trap, all via her own label MXMAY, this year has seen Milan unveil an extensive line of mood-based singles in ‘Unbounded’, ‘2063’, ‘Obscured’ and, now, ‘Drifting’. Bringing together her contrasting influences to share a sound that is distinctly her own, Milan Ring is one to watch.

Dante Knows Bio

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the young independent song writer, rapper, recording artist and model is now based in Sydney where he continues to captivate audiences with  his eclectic flows.