You can get anything you want in our consumption fuelled society, except the stuff we increasingly need: bravery, connection, calm, purpose... Until now! Intangible Goods imagines what it might look like if we could shop for our psychological and emotional needs, as easily as our more superficial ones. Intangible Goods is designed to feed your psyche, not your sweet tooth. Made with mental health professionals. All proceeds from the work go to support local mental health charities Parramatta Mission, Headspace, and Flourish Australia.

Hailing from the high-octane world of advertising and marketing, Elizabeth Commandeur and Mark Starmach are a multi award-winning creative team currently based in Sydney. Intangible Goods marks their first venture beyond advertising, and has been informed by their shared experiences growing up in households affected by mental illness.


Contemporary dance meets gaming technology in this ground-breaking new work by Shaun Parker and Company. Conceived to engender emotional resilience in young people, RE:MOTE uses newly developed hand held devices called AirSticks that allow phenomenal hip hop artist Libby Montilla to control sound with his body. In a series of pop-up performances around the Parramatta Lanes sites, Libby finds himself trapped in a video game world and has to fight his way back out into the natural world.

Shaun Parker & Company is an exhilarating and bold Australian dance company that creates critically acclaimed dance productions renowned for their integration of stimulating choreographic forms, arresting musical scores and theatrical invention. Led by award winning Artistic Director and Choreographer Shaun Parker, his work is described as ‘so cutting edge it actually wanders off the edge of any single-word definition…’


Ladies and gentlemen and everybody in between, The Dollar Bin Darlings are bringing their Disco Manifesto to the lanes of Parramatta. Their roving dancefloor is waiting just around the next corner to transform the city’s streets into a party for anybody and everybody. Led by Sydney’s premier Disco Dilettantes the Dollar Bin Darlings, a team of colourful disco enthusiasts will flood into the lanes with contagious beats and irresistible moves. Leave your inhibitions at home and bring your dancing shoes because the Dollar Bin Darlings have a Disco Doctrine so danceable it might just change your life. We believe in DISCO, we believe in LOVE, and we believe in YOU!

The Dollar Bin Darlings believe that the joy and passion of disco is so infectious and so danceable, that armed with records that cost no more than one dollar, they can create a dancefloor so heaving and unrelenting that no one could say disco is dead. They have been transforming bars and clubs into wild, queer, disco parties for over a year and there’s no sign of stopping. Their latest project Don’t Go To Bed (with the Dollar Bin Darlings) is a live analogue talk show and runs monthly at the Bearded Tit in Redfern. The Dollar Bin Darlings will open both the Sydney and Melbourne Fringe festivals as well as staging their new interactive work Lessons from the Dancefloor at the Beresford as part of Sydney Fringe.

Message in a Bottle demonstrates the real consequences of plastics making their way into our waterways and ultimately damaging our beautiful aquatic ecosystems. Focussing on the life of the native Eastern Blue Groper as an example, the light-art installation aims to inspire the audience to stop and reflect on the issue, and consider their impact and the correct disposal of waste, both at the festival and in their daily lives.

The artwork has been handcrafted from upcycled plastics, collected through collaboration with local cafes, government organisations and many generous volunteers.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative funded from the Waste Levy.  Paper Moose is a Creative Agency that thinks and acts differently, bringing big ideas - and the making of them - under one roof to offer silky smooth end-to-end creative solutions.

Through the power of entertainment and the arts, Paper Moose hopes to create meaningful conversations that strike a chord with real people, and in doing so, provide a tangible social benefit that incites real change.


Love Birds represents a community coming together as one to reduce our personal plastic waste. Suspended in a colourful canopy above the laneway, the birds take flight in the wind with the dynamic message of positive personal action.

Love Birds invites the audience to pledge to reduce their plastic waste while creating a vibrant and dynamic artwork. Participants are encouraged to share their pledge via social media, sending the message out into the wider community. 

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative funded from the Waste Levy.

Zara Pasfield is a spatial designer with a passion for light, and sculptural design. Zara strives to create transformative spaces and moments that are elegant yet playful in personality. Operating under the name Pineapple Designs, Zara has had work exhibited internationally, as well as within Australia. Working with a network of creatives, she hopes to continue creating works that capture the imagination of their audience.


Msg me when you get there?  describes a conversation between people on their way to find each other at Parramatta Lanes. These series of banners are presented in the five main language groups of the Parramatta area - English, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi & Arabic. In presenting this same conversation in these different languages the initiative aims to highlight the diverse communities that exist together in Parramatta, and the common use of the shared visual language of emojis.

Anna McMahon was born in Toowoomba, Australia and currently lives and works in Sydney.  She works across site specific sculptural installation, video and performance.  With a focus on collaboration and interdisciplinary practice, McMahon explores a personal queer narrative through her work.

Salote Tawale was born in Suva, Fiji Islands and grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  Cultural identity is a central focus in her research. Intrinsically performative – employing photography, video, drawing, sculpture, installation and live actions Tawale re-forms and performs her identity and experience of a translocated Indigeneity, that is, removed from land and separated from traditional practices, and consequently repositioned within immigrant histories.


Amigo and Amigo in collaboration Parramatta Marist High School student artists and designers, have created four kinetic sculptures as a response to Parramatta’s unique character. 

Taking influence from their local environment of Parramatta, the students have realised their visions into moving, three dimensional artworks that are created, performed and given life to by the students and designers. 

The Sculptures: 

A hybrid serpentine creature which intertwines the forces of nature, the symbolism of animals and of a snake and eel. Its roots run deep to the culture true to the heart of Parramatta. 

Parra Batta
Parra Batta highlights the significance of the Grey-headed flying fox, combining the importance of conservation of our local species alongside the industrialisation and growth of Parramatta as a city through a steampunk aesthetic. 

Frills and Ruffles 
Frills and Ruffles is a lizard, whose neck is a pendant of luminescent skyscrapers and tall buildings that radiate with alternating colours and patterns. Frills and Ruffles is the ever changing landscape that is Parramatta and symbolises progress and change. 

Fowl Play 
Fowl Play is an owl combined with a butterfly. The work focuses on the Parramatta wildlife, in particular the endangered Powerful Owl. 

Amplifying the voices of young Western Sydney locals, in particular women, who feel their voices don't get heard, the Beyond Stereotypes Mural celebrates the aspects of Western Sydney that make young people smile. The mural depicts the welcoming of people, unique places, diverse cultures and connected communities identified by over 800 young people surveyed by Youth Action. 

Created by Youth Action in partnership with Street Art Murals Australia and the City of Parramatta. 

Inovis is an artist based in the Blue Mountains who has an expressive, abstract and colourful style who mostly paints portraits.