3D visuals by artist Juune Lee, set against readings and poems

WestWords Reading

Wed 18 | 7:15pm-7:25pm

Listen to a series of stories and poems about food presented by writers from literary arts organisation WestWords, set against a backdrop of 3D visuals to match by projection artist and animator Juune Lee.  

Reading 1: Children of Chai by Aishah Ali

Explore the power and role of tea within different migrant communities with a poem by Aishah Ali, who uses the making of “Chai” as a metaphor for the Fijian-Indian existence that has brewed over the years; a form of remembrance of home, cultivation of family and a means capture the essence of belonging to one’s community. She paints this liquid warmth as a gentle beckoning, a familiarity that lines the streets of Parramatta and across the west and connects us to not only a pocket of home but ultimately to each other.

Writer Aisha Ali


Reading 2: Breadmaking for fun and profit by James Roy

This short piece by James Roy gently walks the reader through the common practice of baking fresh bread in preparation for an open house, and the place that bread, that most universal of foods, plays in our collective psyche as a trigger for happy memories, feelings of comfort and the safety of the family home. It suggests that in addition to being a subconscious positive trigger, good food (like warm bread) is also a comfort food for tough times, such as moving out of a much-loved home…

Writer James Roy


Reading 3: Emotional Eating by Christina Donoghue

A poem that comes in three courses, Christina Donoghue's ‘Emotional Eating’ reflects on the physical and visceral sense that food symbolises in our lives. Inspired by her own experiences of growing up in a household without flavour. Irish Catholic working-class people, who would often put the food in the pot and let it boil away for hours transforming the fresh green into grey slop, the poem meditates on class, culture and connections, dwelling on the sensory and food as a physical manifesto of that.

Writer Christina Donoghue