Pari artist collective in Parramatta

Pari Artist Collective Showcase

Sat 21 | 7:15pm-7:25pm

Delve into the world of Pari, an artist-run initiative in Parramatta with boundary-pushing art, as they present their artists collective in this video showcase.

"We are for art that tells stories that need to be told, sheds new light on old thinking, or tackles new ideas altogether. We are for getting you to Parra, or making it so that you don’t have to leave here to come together over new, challenging, boundary-pushing art. We are for bringing art and ideas to Western Sydney audiences, and bringing audiences from elsewhere to experience art in the crane-hogging, uber-developing, beautifully contradictory and diverse place we call Parramatta, in the geographical centre of Sydney’s urban sprawl, in the heart of unceded Darug territory." - Pari