'Family' artwork by Aboriginal artist Luke Close

Aboriginal Artists

Fri 20 | 7:45pm-7:55pm

See and hear from Aboriginal artists from the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative and take a fascinating look into their works and exhibitions, including Luke Close's Solo Exhibition: Perspective, and artists Hayley Pigram Dossier and Kyra Kum-Sing. 


Luke Close 

Having only started painting in his 30s - his first painting being a bush scene landscape - Githabal man Luke Close's unique style comes from over 30 years of art practice, seen across a beautiful array of works and his solo exhibition 'Perspective', presented by Boomalli. Living and working in the cultural landscape of his family line in Northern NSW, Luke is a teacher of cultural visual arts and has had the pleasure of being involved in major public art works including the Lismore Art Quadrangle public art space. He sees visual art as being the language of the soul, and Indigenous visual arts as a powerful language. 'I am in a corridor of life; all of the dimensions of my life surround me and create the stories and pictures of my being; my soul, MY DREAMING.'

Aboriginal Artist Luke Close


Kyra Kum-Sing

A Malera Bandjalan, Mitakoodi woman, artist and Boomalli curator Kyra Kum-Sing has curated a number of significant and acclaimed exhibitions including Boomalli’s 25th Anniversary Mardi Gras Exhibition: Original Box; Warriors for the Environment and inVISIBLE. Kyra has also curated Deadly Women of Redfern at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, the July 2018 program for the MCA Art Bar and is currently curating upcoming exhibitions at the Gallery of Lane Cove and La Perouse Museum. As an artist, Kyra has a diverse artistic practice which includes painting, drawing, weaving, sculpture, installations and clothing design, working with natural hand-made pigments. She has exhibited her works at Boomalli, Lone Goat Gallery and the Red Rattler Theatre, as well as receiving mentoring from major international institutions in London, Paris and Australia. She is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal rights and the Aboriginal arts and cultural sector. 

Artist and curator Kyra Kum-Sing


Hayley Pigram Dossier 

A Darug woman from Southwest Sydney, Hayley Dossier is an urban Aboriginal artist who fuses tradition with modernity, marked by a dot style of painting that is paired with bright colours and unusual mediums. Her art tells the story of a modern woman living a modern lifestyle, with an ancient heritage and deep traditional spirituality.  She has exhibited in the Hobiennale at Moonah Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania, with a current exhibition at Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery, 'Connections Across Time'. " Often we feel so alone, so isolated. Nothing could be further from the truth. We affect everyone in our lives, near and far. Connections Across Time visualises the multitudes of connections we have as people. The actions and words we share affect those around us and ripple across time. You are never as alone as you feel in your darkest moment. You have touched so many lives and will do so forever, into the Dreaming."

Hayley Pigram Connections Across Time Artwork
Artwork from Hayley Pigram's 'Connections Across Time' exhibition.