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Banner Art

Title: Our Intertwining Lives by Nadia Odlum

This abstract work explores the perceptual experience of navigation in urban environments – particularly, it expresses the ways our paths cross with others and the dynamic moments of interaction that arise as we move through our city spaces.

Two sets of parallel lines will travel up the banners.

Twisting and turning, they will overlap and interweave with each other. The shapes the paths carve out feel three-dimensional in nature, or like a ribbon travelling through space. At times, the lines seem to take on improbable or impossible perspectival shifts. As the banner flutters in the breeze, the design will undergo a further level of rippling distortion.

Batman Walk

Title: Scholar Garden by Louise Zhang

Commissioned by: Parramatta Artists’ Studios

Resident Parramatta Artists' Studio artist Lousie Zhang, known for her multidisciplinary approach to colourful conceptions (her work spans from paintings to sculptures). Follow the trails of goldfish and enter the moon gates to Scholar Garden, Louise Zhang's colourful and whimsical take on a Chiness garden.

Roxy Walk and Erby Place

Title: Floating Landscapes by Nick Athanasiou from Skunk Control

Commissioned by: City of Parramatta City Strategy Team

Over 25 large illuminate flowers will be hung in Roxy Walk during Parramatta Lanes. The flowers petals resemble those of a dragonfly and include an extensive networks of cells that nourish. These networks metaphorically relay the connectedness that the future Civic Link project will provide. Essentially the heart of these flowers (where light emanates from) is Parramatta (site of light, ideas and a community in progress) and the petals and their networks are the links to this site of light, ideas and progress.


Red Cow Lane

Title: Wasting Oceans by Amigo and Amigo + Parramatta Marist High School

Commissioned by: City of Parramatta Waste and Sustainability Team

Marvel at this immersive installation created by Amigo and Amigo in conjunction with Parramatta Marist High School, highlighting the impact man-made waste has had on our oceans.  Use bike power to help inflate ocean creatures made from waterway pollutants to help highlight the importance of our waterways.


Walkway next to Meriton Suites, near Dirrabarri Lane

Title: Our Intertwining Lives by Nadia Odlum

Commissioned by: Parramatta Artists’ Studios

Live painting install on opening night by performers directed by Nadia Odlum. Redesigning her banner artwork and displaying it on a bigger scale.


River foreshore

Title: Plasma by Chimera Atelier: Renzo B.Larriviere and Paul Steven Pena Castro

Commissioned by: City of Parramatta City Strategy Team

Plasma will allow people to immerse themselves into an organic reflection of energy and light. Constructed from strong and durable Polyethylene spheres, the structure allows for the visitors to walk, sit and climb within and around the sculpture. The distribution of the spheres have been deliberately designed to enhance the structural capabilities of the material and to create a lightweight, safe, yet remarkably strong form.

As people and time pass by, the sculpture will change colours and light intensity on different areas accentuating the form but also dazzling the audience with a curated light and colour show. Multiple different animations will cycle throughout the night as people enjoy the spectacle.


Parramatta Artists' Studios

Louise Zhang, resident PAS Artist.